NFL Playoff Predictions

Bills Stadium
Circle the wagons Buffalo! The Bills are back in the playoffs!

Below are Eddie Melville and Travis Kilpatrick’s NFL Playoff Predictions:

Eddie Playoff Round Travis
Chiefs over Titans AFC Wild Card Chiefs over Titans
Jaguars over Bills AFC Wild Card Jaguars overs Bills
Falcons over Rams NFC Wild Card Rams over Falcons
Saints over Panthers NFC Wild Card Panthers over Saints
Patriots over Chiefs AFC Divisional Patriots over Chiefs
Steelers over Jaguars AFC Divisional Jaguars overs Steelers
Eagles over Falcons NFC Divisional Panthers over Eagles
Saints over Vikings NFC Divisional Vikings over Rams
Patriots over Steelers AFC Championship Patriots over Jaguars
Saints over Eagles NFC Championship Vikings over Panthers
Saints over Patriots Super Bowl Vikings over Patriots


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