Last Week in All Major Sports! (Ep. 16)


On this Episode Eddie and I talk about Demetrious Johnson’s 11th successful title defense, talk a bit about the MLB playoffs, recap the UCF game and the NCAA scope in general, do a real quick recap of NFL and NHL and then we finish with what we’re looking forward to in the NBA!

Carmelo Trade, UCF recap, and Big Ten Football! (Ep. 14)

Travis and Eddie

On this episode I talk with Eddie about the recent Carmelo Anthony trade, we do a recap of the UCF game, and we make our upset alert picks for week 5 of the NCAA. There is also a segment starting at 53:29 talking with Logan Schwenn about the state of the Big Ten!

Catching up on all sports with Eddie! (Ep. 12)

BC Sports HOF

Podcast topics by the minute: Nadal, Federer (6:00); Sloan Stephens (11:00); Indians & Dodgers streaks (13:00); Mike Trout & the Angels’ playoff push (22:00); Kobe Bryant jersey number retirement (24:00); comparing Kobe’s performance wearing #8 vs. #24 (26:00); triple digit jersey numbers for the Lakers? (30:00); UCF cancelled 2 games due to Hurricane Irma: where do the Knights go from here? (31:30); how UCF Football’s conference championship hopes and scheduling is impacted (36:15); how do schools prevent hurricane cancellations in the future? (39:00); analysis of the Top 5 ranked teams in college football (45:00); Penn State-Pitt (49:00); teams winning but dropping in the rankings such as PSU, Wisconsin (52:00); who gets left out of the Playoff if all Power 5 conferences have an undefeated champion–Alabama, Penn State, Clemson, USC, or Oklahoma? (57:00); top NFL storylines after Week 1 (1:07)