NCAA Tournament Preview!

Producer Seal and Travis cover Stud and Scrub of the Week before breaking down all four regions of the NCAA tournament by lower seed to watch, player to watch, and our predictions to win the big dance!

LAFC is Back in a Big Way! (Ep. 81)

On this episode, we talk about the number 81 in sports and the Stud and Scrub of the week before recapping two huge wins by the Black and Gold of LAFC and UCF! After that, we re-draft the top 10 picks of the 2008 NBA draft 10 years later!

Remember the Miracle On Ice! (Ep. 80)

On this episode, we are a bit more informal as we discuss the #80 in sports and the Stud and Scrub of the Week before just bantering back and forth on topics from Jared Allen starting a curling team as well as the bottom feeders of the NBA.

Happy President’s Day! (Ep. 79)

On this episode, Producer Seal and Travis talk about the #79 in sports, stud and scrub of the week, and the NBA All-Star Game. They then end the episode with a little bit of discussion about the Alliance of American Football.

Do People Watch The Pro-Bowl? (Ep. 76)

On this episode, Producer Seal and Travis start out with a nice little rant during Scrub of the Week. Then they give a little preview of the Super Bowl as well as a recap of the Australian Open finals, before ending the pod with some fun conversation that you don't want to miss!

Below The Rim: AAC Early Race!

By: Travis Kilpatrick   If you listen to the No Scrubs Allowed podcast on a regular basis, you will remember Producer Seal mentioning that I needed to start a “Below the Rim” segment. You may have even wondered if I had ignored it or forgotten about it. The most likely outcome is that you’ve completely... Continue Reading →

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