7/29-8/4/19 Summer Shoutouts!

Since the sports world is in a bit of a lull, No Scrubs Allowed has decided to take a much needed summer vacation. But that doesn’t mean that sports didn’t happen, and those that played still deserve their shout-outs. So here we are… Here are some of the shout-outs we here at No Scrubs Allowed... Continue Reading →

LAFC is Back on Track! (Ep. 97)

On this episode, Producer Seal and Travis talk about the significance of the number 97 in sports as well as the best number 97 and the Stud and Scrub of the Week before talking about LAFC, the Freeway Series, and The Basketball Tournament.

Last Chance U is Back!

On this special extra episode, Producer Seal and Travis have a little bit of a behind the scenes look with a free flowing episode! There are some spoilers from the first two episodes of "Last Chance U" at the beginning and end of the episode (Nothing too crazy).

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