No Scrubs FC? Yes Please! (Ep. 56)

On this Episode, Producer Seal and Travis discuss the Stud and Scrub of the Week before revealing some big news for No Scrubs Allowed. We then discuss LAFC a bit, and the PGA Championship and Tiger hype before jumping into a lot of NFL talk. It's football time baby!

Tiger Had A Chance! (Ep. 53)

On this episode we talk with a few different people! Eddie and Travis are there to start off with the Stud and Scrub of the Week. Then we pay our respects to the late Tony Sparano and cover a few quick hit sports points before being joined by Producer Seal to discuss the NFL Anthem... Continue Reading →

Better Late Than Never! (Ep. 52)

On this episode it's just Travis so it's only a half hour episode covering Stud and Scrub of the week as well as a Wimbledon recap, a World Cup recap, a baseball recap, and a hot story out of the NFL!

Does NBA Summer League Matter? (Ep. 51)

On this episode, Travis and Producer Seal recap the struggles of Travis's basketball league attempt before jumping into the episode with Stud and Scrub of the Week and recapping the World Cup, the NBA Summer League, and the looming MLB trade deadline.

Wimbledon! (Ep. 50)

It's episode 50! Travis is alone for Stud and Scrub of the Week as well as the World Cup recap and a little talk about the NBA Free Agency (This was before the big LeBron news), but he is joined by Eddie for a Wimbledon Preview (Around the 30 minute mark).

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