MLS is Back Tournament Recap: 8/6/20!

Orlando 3 – Minnesota 1

The final of the MLS is Back Tournament is set. The hometown team is on to the championship game to face the Portland Timbers. Orlando didn’t have to rely on their late game heroics this time as it seemed like every shot they put on target was finding the net.

Orlando: B+

Orlando nearly played an “A” game, but I feel like they should have done better. They relied on Minnesota to miss the target with a lot of their shots. Luckily Orlando was the flipside of Minnesota in the shot category. Everything they shot seemed to be on target and Minnesota goalkeeper, Tyler Miller, couldn’t keep up.

Minnesota: B-

Minnesota did not play a bad game at all. They had a good amount of possession and strung their passes together quite nicely. They were just unable to get their shots to be on target. It doesn’t matter how well you play the game if you’re unable to score. Minnesota will be very happy with the way that they played in this tournament and will look forward to building on this throughout the rest of the season.

Man of the Match: Nani

The man with only one name scored two goals for Orlando to make sure that they would be through to the final. Both of his goals followed a beautiful first touch from a long pass. Those touches are not easy at all, but Nani makes them look easy. Nani will need to be at the top of his game if Orlando wants to win this tournament.

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