MLS is Back Tournament Recap: 7/20/20!

Inter Miami 0 – New York City FC 1

Philadelphia 1 – Orlando 1

Tonight held the final games for Group A but we already knew who were the top two in the group. What we didn’t know was who would come out on top. The two games really showed the distance between the good teams and the bad teams.

Game 1:

There’s not too much that needs to be said about this game. Inter Miami became the first MLS team to lose their first five games. Not sure that’s going to end anytime soon.

Inter Miami: D+

Inter Miami only had pride to play for in this game, but they didn’t even show much of that. We knew that Miami was going to struggle this year with their lack of talent. They will need to work quickly on getting those DP signings to help them make a push for a few wins and avoiding the worst expansion season ever.

New York City FC: C

NYCFC didn’t look much better than Miami aside from controlling possession. They weren’t able to get many shots on target and would have left with a draw if Miami would have just marked their men on defense. NYCFC could still potentially sneak through to the knockout stages with a LOT of help, but they probably would just rather go home and train to avoid performances like this tournament.

Man of the Match: Sean Johnson

The veteran US National Team keeper wasn’t challenged all that much today. The two saves he did have to make were pretty tough, but after the 35th minute he was able to take a rest as he wouldn’t see another shot on his goal.

Game 2:

This was the game that would decide who came out on top of Group A. It ended up being a pretty great game that held up to the hype.

Philadelphia: C+

Without Andre Blake, Philadelphia definitely would have lost this game. It was a pretty even game and I thought about giving a higher grade, but when the keeper has to work that much I am not sure that’s a well played game. Still they will be moving on to the knockout stage and seem to be a threat to continue winning.

Orlando City: B+

Orlando did exactly what they wanted to do; Control possession, get a lot of shots on target, and end the game atop Group A. They could have done a few things better but will go back to their hotels proud of how these three games went. I think they can make a real push for a championship in this tournament and announce for the first time since coming to the MLS that they are a true threat.

Man of the Match: Andre Blake

Philadelphia didn’t get the result that they wanted, but Andrew Blake did everything he could. Blake made 6 saves and just the one blemish. All of Philadelphia fell asleep after Ilsinho scored his goal and Orlando went immediately down the field and equalized the game. Aside from that moment, Blake was brilliant, possibly the best keeper performance that I’ve seen so far in this tournament.

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