MLS is Back Tournament Recap: 07/15/20!

Vancouver 3 – San Jose 4

There was only one match today but it was a dandy! It looked as if the Whitecaps were going to be able to control the game but San Jose kept attacking. Racking up 30 total shots and 22 corners, The Earthquakes were bound to start finding the back of the net. In the 48’, down 2-0, Andy Rios was able to score off their 12th corner of the half to put them on the board. Coming out of the half, it looked to be all Whitecaps as the Earthquakes goalie made a terrible clear out and horrible charge to the ball leaving the net wide open for a Cristian Dajome goal in the 59’ to make it 3-1. That plus 300 betting line was looking pretty good at this point. Then the true GOAT of the MLS, Chris Wondolowski, stuck out his golden leg as he went unchecked on a cross in the 72’ to bring his squad within one. The bend or break defensive strategy for Vancouver seemed to be working for most of the game in blocking shots and deflecting corners out to continuous breakaways for their offense. San Jose took advantage of the new 5 sub rule with all of them coming in the second half to put fresh legs against the Whitecaps defense. In the 81’, Oswaldo Alanis was able to leap over a stone-footed defender to put yet another corner kick to square the match at 3. Continuing the trend with previous matches of the tournament, there was an abundance of extra time in this match with 9 minutes added to the second half. One minute before the ref was ready to call it a draw and both these teams secured a point, a former Whitecap decided one point wouldn’t do. Shea Salinas went on a savage run around and through multiple old homies from north of the border to finish the comeback and snag three much needed points.

Vancouver Whitecaps: C+

At the half it looked as if the Whitecaps were going to be a clear cut A if they could maintain some control and possession. The Whitecaps waited around for mistakes to be made by the other squad and didn’t really do a lot to take hold of the match. If they continue to play so deep in the box, in going to a long match against the Sounders coming up on Sunday.

San Jose Earthquakes: B

Again, at the half it looked like San Jose would be a C+ at best after the Rios goal late in stoppage time. Man was this a story of two halves. The Earthquakes kept up great pace and minimized their mistakes. Hats off to the coaching staff making key subs in the second half. With fresh legs they were able to keep their defense on point. If only they would scratch those ridiculous corners from the playbook.

Man of the Match: Shea Salinas

The former Whitecap was part of 4 a man sub for the Earthquakes in the 63’ and came in to seal the victory his squad. I can’t tell you to much about what he did on the pitch previous to his goal, but I’m pretty sure if you Youtube’d “Man on a Mission,” Salinas’ goal would come up. He dodged, dipped, ducked, dived, and dodged his way to a game-winner, an ESPN top play of the Day, and our Man of the Match!

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