Catching up on all sports with Eddie! (Ep. 12)

BC Sports HOF

Podcast topics by the minute: Nadal, Federer (6:00); Sloan Stephens (11:00); Indians & Dodgers streaks (13:00); Mike Trout & the Angels’ playoff push (22:00); Kobe Bryant jersey number retirement (24:00); comparing Kobe’s performance wearing #8 vs. #24 (26:00); triple digit jersey numbers for the Lakers? (30:00); UCF cancelled 2 games due to Hurricane Irma: where do the Knights go from here? (31:30); how UCF Football’s conference championship hopes and scheduling is impacted (36:15); how do schools prevent hurricane cancellations in the future? (39:00); analysis of the Top 5 ranked teams in college football (45:00); Penn State-Pitt (49:00); teams winning but dropping in the rankings such as PSU, Wisconsin (52:00); who gets left out of the Playoff if all Power 5 conferences have an undefeated champion–Alabama, Penn State, Clemson, USC, or Oklahoma? (57:00); top NFL storylines after Week 1 (1:07)

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